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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Aug.03.2020 228
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Cats are very playful and active animals. But many people notice and wonder: “Why does my cat sleep all the time and for so long? Is it all right?” But these are the most innocuous questions. It’s not uncommon for cats to be accused of being lazy creatures. It’s time to understand the nature of our fluffy friends’ sleep.

What Time of Day Do Cats Like To Sleep the Most?

Cats are predators, so don’t be surprised when you see a peacefully sleeping cat during the day. You can wake up from the rumble in the kitchen at night. You may not be able to affect this situation, don’t torture yourself and the animal.

Why Do They Sleep Muchly and Often?

We’re talking about domestic cats. Their job (by their nature) is to track down their prey and attack to survive. That’s why the cat’s body is 100% invested. Logically, the cat will want to gain strength and energy after an intensive load. How many hours a day does a cat sleep on average? To be precise, cats spend 15-16 hours a day sleeping. Believe me, if you were a cat, you would sleep as much.

Another reason is high body temperature and rapid metabolism. That is why they need sleep as a way to cool down, rebalance temperatures, and relieve nervous tension. If your cat sleeps less than its body requires be prepared for aggressive behavior and bad mood of your cat.

By the way, the frequency of sleep varies between indoor and outdoor cats. This is because stray cats need to take care of their safety and not miss out on a chance to eat. And those cats who live in cottages don’t sleep much either, some of them watch over the housing they live in.

Cat’s Phase of Sleep

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Cats fast asleep, but not always. If you follow your cat closely, you may have noticed how it moves her ears and reacts to rustles or other sounds. This is the first, slow (not deep) phase of its sleep. Your cat gets the necessary information from the environment even during sleep. Usually, it lasts for 20-30 minutes. After this comes the second (deep) or no fast phase of sleep. Its duration is 7-10 minutes. Sometimes cats can move their paws, make strange noises, twitch and wake up sharply. Human and cat sleep phases are similar, so cats can also dream.

The Cat’s Age and Sleep

The human and cat’s sleep have much in common. Newborn kittens sleep a lot and just wake up for feeding. When they grow up, open their eyes and start walking, sleep time is reduced to 12 hours. The rest of the time they play and discover the world.

Also, older cats sleep less because they are not so mobile and don’t need so much time to refill their energy reserve.

The Factors That Affect Sleep

  • Pregnancy of a cat (its physical activity decreases, the body needs more rest).
  • Hot weather (cats stabilize body temperature by sleeping so they don’t overheat).

If you’ve noticed that your cat’s sleep isn’t what it used to be, there may be a reason to contact your vet for advice.

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