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Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

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All cat owners or just those who love cat society have noticed how hygienic creatures cats are. And the tongue is their main tool for cleaning their fur.

If you look closely you can see how much the tongue is similar in structure to an excellent massager or quality shower sponge.

It is a versatile tool thanks to the clever structure of the cat’s tongue, which performs the role of eating and cleaning the skin.

But you probably also witnessed that cats lick not only themselves! Their children, those animals they like, and of course their favorite owners. Today, we will try to find out what is the reason to lick a man, and answer the question – what does it mean when a cat licks you?

Reasons Why Cat Licks You

when a cat licks you

Yes, we are very different from the cat family, no matter how much we imitate the cat meows and purrs. We do not have luxurious fur, but still, many owners claim that “cat licking me!” and what could that mean? I’m not her baby or is this possibly her way of kissing/expressing her love?

Is It Normal for Cats To Lick You and What Does It Mean if a Cat Constantly Licks Me?

cat licking me

How To Get My Cat To Stop Licking Me?

This is a type of cat communication. You will not be surprised if we say that smells play a very important role in the life of cats (and not only them). After all, the scent glands are distributed all over the animal’s body. And depending on the location they perform different tasks.

Most of the tags are located on the head of the pet (in the corners of the mouth, on the temporal part, and on the chin). So, if your furry-kid rubs a certain part of his head then he definitely wants to tell you the good news!

In addition, he not only marks you but also leaves a message to other congeners. That you are the property of your cat!

“Cat Always Licks Me!”

So wait, what did you expect? It’s an animal and it’s trying to tell you how it feels. If your cat often licks certain areas of your body and does so regularly, it’s more often than not a sign of his love and affection for you!

This way the cat shows he cares about you. And when he tags you like this, it shows that he thinks you are one of his own.

“Why Does My Cat Lick My Nose?”

This is a good way to communicate with your pet’s body language, as we cannot tell what he/she wants to say by smell.

If a cat licks your face, the nose sometimes goes even to the hairy part of the head; it wants to show its dominance. Usually, a cat licks its charges/kids (kittens) in this way to show that it cares about you to other cats.

Cat Licking Owner When She Senses He Is in a Bad Mood

what does it mean when a cat licks you

Yes, this sounds impressive, not believable BUT!

A cat is very sensitive to its owner’s emotional state. Researchers believe that the biochemical processes in the body change during stress, so do the substances that are released on the surface of the skin. A cat senses when its owner is experiencing negative emotions: sadness, fear, or anger.

The most effective methods that cats are familiar with are licking, massaging and sound vibrations (purring).

According to bioenergetics, a furry fellow cat not only treats some diseases but also monitors the mental balance of its owner, curing stress, depression and bad moods.

Cat Won’t Stop Licking Me

A cat that is constantly inside four walls and never went outside will lick you! And the answer is pretty obvious. After all, you are the only window into the world that she is so unfamiliar and distant.

When you come in from the street your cat will immediately run towards you to sniff out all the information from the outside world. You are like a fresh breath of air for him, an unread newspaper with current news.

You smell the street and everything out there: grass, dirt, pollen, or maybe a cat or a yard dog rubbed up against you. You are a real and walking encyclopedia.

But there is a downside for those cats that do go outside once in a while. They tend to rub their owner’s feet when they return after another walk and survey the area.

Scientists have found that if you have more than one cat, or maybe even a cat and a dog, your walking pet can rub your feet to return the smell of home. So, those other furry family members don’t perceive the cat as an outsider with strange and wild smells on their fur.

Your Cat Is Trying To Save You!

my cat licking

It turns out that strong and pungent smells that are present in humans (scented soap, shower gel) are a potential threat in the wild.

Cats lick themselves and you, among other things, to keep you from attracting enemies and getting hurt.

Plus, the cat leaves its tags so you have an emotional connection at a distance and can easily find each other.

It’s Another Signal and a Desire To Get Noticed

When your pet doesn’t get enough attention from the owner who won’t take his eyes off the monitor again, he may come up to you and start licking your ears, hands, and even your clothes.

This way of getting attention looks weird but it’s like your pet is begging you and trying to ask for your precious time for fun and playtime.

And the easiest reason for your furry friend to lick your hands or reach for your lips is of course the aroma of delicious food.

If you have eaten meat, or any dairy product then your pet should know this and then get a treat in a hurry!

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