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Why Is Cat Not Eating?

Sep.25.2020 297
cat loss of appetite

Sometimes cats acting like children. Children can often refuse certain foods or dishes for some reason or another. Our fluffy cats also tend to refuse to eat and this raises a lot of questions from owners. After all, a good appetite and beautiful appearance indicate that the animal is healthy.

We have collected a list of all possible options for why a cat is not eating or drinking and what to do when the cat loses appetite.

Why Is My Cat Not Eating?

cat refusing to eat

Changes in a Cat’s Diet

This happens when the owners try to change the usual industrial feed (dry and wet) to natural products. So don’t be surprised if your pet sniffs vegetable puree or cottage cheese with suspicion and doesn’t hurry to start eating.

If you want to change the type of food for your pet, you should do it in stages (add a small amount of porridge or meat to the regular cat diet). Then your pet will get used to the new food type gradually.

Dirty Bowl of the Animal

Cats are very clean creatures. If you notice that the cat seems hungry but won’t eat then you should look at the condition of the food bowl. You may be surprised but even a very hungry cat won’t eat with dirty dishes (especially if the bite of dried food is left on the bowl). Make sure that the dishes are clean as well as yours. Wash the cat’s bowl at least once every 2 days (preferably more often). And then you will not think about how to increase the cat appetite.


Cats may deal with fear, excitement, and sadness. And these negative experiences have their consequences. For example, a cat stops eating when a close person (owner) dies or a new animal appears in the house. The reasons for stressful situations can be many.

Cat Won’t Eat Consequently to the Action of Hormones

Cats refusing to eat during puberty. When cats feel hormonal changes and the breeding instinct takes over, they think about food the least. During these periods, our cats may not eat for a whole week (especially females) and feel great. You do not need to worry about it, the appetite will return as soon as the hormone balance is normal. You may need a veterinary consultation and he will prescribe vitamins for your pet.

Sick Cat Won’t Eat

People do not try to eat much when they are sick. Cats when infected with an infection or bacteria also lose interest in eating. Sluggishness, diarrhea, vomiting in your pet should alert you. In this situation, you should contact a veterinarian for tests and a detailed diagnosis.


The reason for the refusal of food may be the accumulation of large amounts of hairball in the stomach of the pet. So, if you notice that your pet rarely comes into contact with bowls, vomiting, or stool disorders, you should show it to a specialist. To avoid the accumulation of unnecessary hair, you should buy a special hairbrush and comb your pet. You may also want to read about the cat’s grass that stimulates pulling lumps of hair out of the cat’s body.

Diseases of Internal Organs

In fact, your pet may refuse to eat due to diseases of internal organs. It may be diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, and malignant tumors. If in addition to fasting (for 1-2 days) your cat behaves anxiously, it is a signal of a serious illness.

What To Feed a Cat That Won’t Eat?

why is my cat not eating

You better not self-medicate and go to a veterinarian if you notice that the cat has stopped eating. When the veterinarian determines the cause, he will be able to make a proper and special diet. Despite the fact, the cat refuses to eat food, the cat’s body must function properly.

Most often, doctors recommend the use of special veterinary pâtés, which the owner can put on a syringe and force-feed the cat.

The same procedure can be performed with dry food. You can soak it with water and inject it orally with a syringe (without a needle, of course).

Some owners say that refusing to eat may be due to your pet’s pickiness. At such moments you can buy delicious vitamins, cat grass for your fluffy companion or you can also try to change the industrial food manufacturer for a more expensive one.

Which decision you would not make, we advise you to consult with your vet doctor.

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