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Why Is My Cat Always Hungry: Can It Be the First Symptoms of Some Diseases

Apr.16.2021 286
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If it is harmful to a person to overeat, then why do many people think that it can be good for cats? Your cat wants to eat all the time. This is most likely a cause for concern. After all, the daily norm of food should be enough for satiety. Let us remind you of this norm if you forgot or do not know.

  • Kittens: up to six months, the norm varies from 30 to 50, I start from 6 months no more than 80 g. Kitten overeating can harm the and growth process.
  • Adult and active cats: Pay attention to the weight of the pet. This is usually 15 g per 1 kg. This means that if your cat weighs 4 kg, then his daily requirement is about 60 g of dry food.
  • Elderly cats: If there are no signs of obesity, then you can apply the diet described above. If there is, instead of the suggested 60 g, give the cat 50 g.

Why Is My Cat Always Hungry but Skinny?

cat eating more than usual

When a cat eats too much, there is no reason to rejoice in its good appetite. This behavior says: “Hey, this portion is too much but I can’t stop. Is there something wrong with me?” The reasons written below can only be diagnosed by a veterinarian who you should contact if the pet overeating.

Your Cat Has Worms

You may agree that it even sounds unpleasant but what about your pet? These parasites harm the cat’s body. And instead of gaining weight as the appetite has increased, your cat stays thin or loses weight. Taste preferences may also change. Pay attention to other symptoms that appear with worms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation.

Your Cat Is Not Absorbing Nutrients

Nowadays, even dry food is rich in nutrients and vitamins that your pet needs so much. However, cat increased appetite may be due to the lack of absorption of these substances and vitamins. This is a serious pathology. For example, malignant neoplasms and problems with the pancreas.

Your Cat Is Out of Hormonal Balance

Problems in the functioning of the endocrine system cause the development of diabetes mellitus, renal failure, hypothyroidism, and other ailments. Not only frequent feed intake but also thirst is a sign of hormonal imbalance. Once the veterinarian diagnoses these disorders, he/she will be able to prescribe appropriate treatment and diet.

You Have Miscalculated the Daily Feed Rate

Your cat may ask for food frequently if you are underfeeding it. And malnutrition can cause wasting. Some veterinary procedures require the animal to fast for a long time. And if the cat is lost, then you do not know how long it was starving. Weigh your cat and calculate the rate again. It may be necessary to change the feed. And if you have a lost cat, then first check his health status with a veterinarian. When fasting for a long time, portions should be small but frequent.

If You Have a Cat, Is It Pregnancy?

We think that in this case, it is not worth explaining why the cat eats more than usual. For a long time, you may not notice the belly during pregnancy and it may seem to you that the cat eating more than usual but not getting fat. There is no need to increase the amount of feeding, change the food itself to a more nutritious and rich in vitamins and microelements.

My Cat Is Always Hungry and Meowing in Winter

On cold days, the cat’s body spends more energy to heat itself. We recommend that in winter you should increase the serving size and the nutritional value of the food. And how much, it is better to consult a veterinarian, as he/she will take into account the breed of the cat.

The Drugs Are to Blame

Medicines can be a reason for increased appetite in a cat. As you can understand, this is just one of the side effects of medications. The veterinarian should have warned you about the possible consequences and gave instructions for further action.

Why Is My Cat Eating So Much All of a Sudden?

kitten overeating

This may be due to psychological reasons. They cannot be ignored, because in advanced cases they lead to the development of chronic nervous conditions. These may include:

  • my cat likes to eat. We do not litter with this, however, if you have more than one pet, then there may be competition between them. Yes, and cats are greedy. Your pet can eat not only its but also someone else’s;
  • If the cat is stressed, it may try to seize it. What kind of stress? For example, long separation from the owner, a trip to the vet, a change of residence;
  • lack of attention. To attract the attention of a person, a cat will constantly ask for food;
  • you took the cat from the street. Usually, such a cat lives in difficult conditions, tries to find food. Even when it has become a pet in a family of loving owners, it does not immediately get rid of old habits. The cat is trying to eat for the future. And sometimes even make supplies, hiding food in different parts of the house.

Why is my cat always hungry? We hope that our article helped you find out about the alleged reasons for the incomprehensible hunger of your cat. We remind you not to diagnose yourself. Even if your assumption is correct, then the treatment should be prescribed by a specialist. We are very pleased that you are among our readers. Does your cat overeat? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading to the end and see you again very soon!

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