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Why Is My Cat So Clingy?

Dec.01.2020 401
why is my cat so clingy

We often think that cats are less friendly than dogs. Because it is enough just to meet the dog with his eyes and he immediately understands you and runs like hell towards hugs and rewards. With cats it is not so easy, there are representatives of different breeds who decide who, when, and how to approach. But is this a reason to characterize all as one?

Cats are different just like us. Some people say that they like the independent and oversensitive nature of cats. After all, there are individualists who like the increased attention to themselves. And this is a common case when a cat is attached to only one of the family members for some reason. Usually, a person likes it and they have a mutually beneficial relationship and love.

But you can also often find a common request on the Internet on various forums that sound as follows: “my cat follows me everywhere, what does it mean?” or “why is my cat so clingy?”

This is most often told by people who picked up a kitten from the street or from a cattery. They are concerned that the cat wants constant affection, it follows the owner and wants extra attention. It’s one thing when my cat follows me everywhere and sleeps with me and another thing when the cat can’t be alone, ‘screams’ (meows) to get attention. This is really weird and raises a lot of questions.

Maybe the cat behaves this way because it is in pain, scared or it is related to his nervous/concerned state. There are more questions than answers. Especially, when used to the fact that cats are freedom-loving and independent characters. Today we will try to find out why my cat wants so much attention?

Why Is My Cat So Needy?

As we have already found out, not all cats are strong and independent. Some of them really need the attention of their beloved family member. What remains to be understood – is it an expression of love and devotion or a desire to tell about something?

My Cat Is Obsessed With Me – What Happened?

my cat is obsessed with me

The First Reason Is Great Love!

It happens so that you come from work in the evening and your favorite fluffy friend jumps on you right from the doorstep and doesn’t even let you get naked normally. It runs around, rumbles without a break, and begs for hands. Contrary to all stereotypes and fables – cats can love no less than dogs! They are not insensitive and love not only the person who most often feeds them.

It turns out that cats suddenly clingy not only because they missed you, but also because they are afraid of separation from their beloved master. What if you leave soon and don’t come back? How will it live without you then?

Fear of Parting or Lack of Maternal Care From Birth

It happens that from the very first days kittens have to settle with their mother (they are fed from a bottle). It is left without guardianship and becomes abandoned among garbage cans and dangerous predators.

Kittens or adult cats get used to people very quickly, especially when you save them from starvation. Now you are a loving mother to them and they need your warmth and care.

That’s why a cat is ready for anything as long as you are with him and don’t leave him alone for a long time. He will stand under the door, meow loudly and fall under your feet, bite your clothes, and may even poop in the wrong place.

“My Cat Is Very Clingy!” – Understandably, Your Cat Just Wants To Eat!

How could you miss it? He is, of course, waiting for you and misses you, but he is also waiting for another meal or a favorite piece of meat. If you often forget to feed your fluffy companion, the answer is obvious. Any hungry creature will follow you until you pay attention to and feed him, it is obvious. You would do the same, believe me.

My Cat Has Become Very Clingy – What Does That Mean?

why is my cat so needy

Usually, cats are used to hide their pain (painful sensations) and get isolated when they’re worried about something, it’s easier for them to endure. But also a cat can follow you when its pain becomes unbearable. Also, such followings are accompanied by a complaint meowing. Most likely, his feelings have become quite unbearable and you are his last hope for salvation.

Therefore, an illness or infection (any health threat) may be one of the answers to the question of why is my cat so attached to me lately. Especially, if you have not noticed anything like this in the behavior of your cat. This is a clear sign that a visit to the vet should not be postponed. It is more likely that your cat is asking for help.

My Cat Is Super Clingy!

Don’t forget that cats are almost the same “sniffer dog” and they are interested in everything that moves or lies wrong.

Oh my God, my cat keeps following me around everywhere! Calm down, you may be paranoid. This is a common cat’s curiosity. This behavior is more funny than frightening. After all, cats should see and know absolutely everything that surrounds them. And he is no less interested in your affairs. These guys will keep you company with great pleasure!

My Cat Is Clingy All of a Sudden

Banal boredom is the last but the most common reason that your cat doesn’t give you rest even in the toilet!

Imagine that you are in an enclosed space for a long time. You have already learned and know every corner, played with all the toys and even the furniture is not so interesting to scratch. And your host is constantly busy and doesn’t have time to play with you and he misses you, it makes sense. Your cat is just haunting you from the fact that he has nothing to do, perhaps at least walking on your heels will entertain him.

Most of the time it is just a desire to communicate with you! Think about how much time you spend with your cat per day? You will be surprised, we are sure. So there is nothing strange, and in no case don’t need to be irritated or brushed off your cat. He just needs you, because you are the whole universe for him! Take at least 15-20 minutes to communicate, caress, and play with your cat and there will be no problems.

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