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Why Should You Not Throw a Cat off Your Knees?

Jul.09.2020 157
cats' stress

Not many people allow themselves to throw their pet off their knees. However, owners who sometimes act like this when they don’t want to communicate with a cat should know that such an act can be even dangerous for their beloved pet.

Felinologists believe that a relaxed animal should not be deprived of its footing. Despite the fact that cats can focus in an instant, to be in a free flight for them is a huge stress. If suddenly the beloved owner throws the cats off his/her knees, the cats are likely to experience resentment and distrust. Psychological trauma usually leads to suspicion and the animal may refuse to go to the owner’s hands in general in the future.

physical injury of a cat

In addition, experts assure that there is a high risk of physical injury to the animal. Cats are very agile and flexible but it must be taken into account that they prepare for some time for every difficult jump. The cat may not have time to react when it is thrown from someone’s knees suddenly. As a result, possible injuries to the limbs can appear.

Experts insist: even if a person has decided that this is not the time to spend with a pet, you should gently pick up a cat and take it away on a surface so that cat can touch it by its feet. Only then you can let your pet go.

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