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Why Your Cat May Sleep More Than Usual

Jul.27.2020 216
the reasons for cat's long sleep

Cats usually sleep for twelve or fifteen hours per day. Most of their sleeping time refers to nap but atypical sleep behavior could be a sign of health violations.

You should thoroughly watch after your cat’s sleep schedule to know straight away if there’s something wrong with your pet.

There Are Several Reasons Why Your Cat May Sleep More Than Usual

  • Advanced age can be the reason for prolonged sleep. Elderly cats could sleep for twenty hours per day and wake up only for food intakes.
  • Stuffed and hot air can cause drowsiness and weakness in cats.
  • Overeating can be another reason for lengthened sleep duration. Digestive process requires a lot of energy and can lower down your cat’s spirits.
  • Cats can sleep a lot longer if they have an active and intense lifestyle, just as humans.
  • Overweight cats sleep more than their skinnier brethren.
  • Narcosis and certain medicines can cause drowsiness. You should consult with your vet about such symptoms of the possible medical treatment which may occur during at some point of your pet’s life.
  • Hormone disorders viciously hit the whole organism causing multiple disorders and health issues. Sleep disturbance is the most harmless symptom of a hormone disorder.
  • Hypotension can cause weakness and lethargy. Increased sleep duration is a common symptom for such health issues.
  • Helminths, which are the worm parasites, are a common illness among cats of all species. Infected pets are often showing somnolence and apathy.
  • Infectious diseases seriously undermine cat’s immunity. Cats are small creatures with fastened metabolism for which every infection could be a serious danger. Increased sleep duration is the first sign that your pet may be suffering from infection.
  • Anemia can be caused by infections, poor ration, poisoning or a blood loss. This disease can cause overall weakening so the exhausted animal will not have any powers to be proactive. Atypical sleepiness is the main symptom of anemia.
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