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When Is International Cat Day | International Cat Day 2021 and How Is It Celebrated

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International Cat Day

Every year, World Cat Day is celebrated on August 8, and dozens of countries around the world will join it in 2021.

When Is International Cat Day

However, in many of them, furry pets celebrate their holiday on other dates. In Japan – February 22, in America – October 16 and 29, in Italy – November 17, in Poland – February 17.

In 2002, the International Fund for the Protection of Animals (Animal Welfare) urged all cat lovers and in general those who are not indifferent to the fate of the baleen, to celebrate August 8 as happy international cat day. Many countries have responded to this call, and now the international holiday unites owners of furry pets around the world.

Each country has developed its own traditions of international cat day 2021. In various cities of Russia, festive events, competitions, contests, actions are held, in which cats of different breeds participate. On this day, you can please yourself – sit in a cat cafe, escape from the hustle and bustle and problems in a charming purring company.

In the United States, cat day 2021 has been celebrated since 2005, and October 16 is the Day of stray and wild cats, and October 29 is Cat Day in the United States. The holiday is held under the auspices of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Its participants urge everyone to engage in charitable activities – visit shelters for homeless animals, donate part of the funds to improve their lives or give one of the pets the opportunity to find their own home and owners. In New York, one of the taxi services in honor of the holiday offered a new service: for $ 20, they bring a cat from a shelter to the customer for 15 minutes, so that people can stroke and chat, and maybe even leave him forever. On Cat Day, some residents also host parties where the owners bring animals where they can mingle with their four-legged cousins.

Is Today International Cat Day

How to celebrate International Cat Day

Residents of the Land of the Rising Sun began to celebrate the holiday of cats in 1987. Poems are dedicated to cats, animated series, television series (dramas) are created. Despite the fact that the tradition of celebrating the feast of cats is relatively young, the cult of these animals in Japan is very ancient, as evidenced by old pictures with their images. The mustachioed can serve at churches and at the same time receive the favor of the parishioners. On one of the Japanese islands of Toshiro there is a sanctuary of the god of cats, there are many fluffy purrs, so the island was nicknamed “feline”. Young people put on cat ears in honor of the holiday. You can also find figurines of cats with raised paws (maneki-neko) in stores in Japan. The cat, as it were, stretches it out for luck, for good luck. It is believed that such a souvenir promises prosperity to the person who buys it.

In the UK, cats and cats are in public service. They work in warehouses and save grain from mice, as well as protect exhibits in British museums from rodents. For their valiant service for several years, animals are awarded a special prize. A lifetime pension is assigned to them in the form of a good allowance – milk and meat.

In China, cats are given special attention on this holiday: it is customary to caress them and feed them with delicious food. In ancient times, the Chinese used these animals for food, but now cats are protected at the legislative level. Anyone who breaks the law and offends a cat faces a fine, and possibly two weeks in prison.

Black Cat Day is celebrated in Italy. Why black? Because black cats in the Middle Ages were burned by inquisitors at the stake, considering them accomplices of evil spirits. To restore the reputation of this animal, the Italians established a holiday in its honor.

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